Latino Institute in HIV Leadership


The Instituto DILES (Instituto Latinx de Desarrollo Integral de Lideres Empoderados contra el SIDA; English: Latinx Comprehensive Development of Empowered Leaders Against AIDS Institute [DILES (Tell Them) Institute]) is a 12-month program that builds leadership skills among fellows in order to drive meaningful change in their communities toward ending the HIV epidemic for Latinx men.

DILES fellows receive training and mentorship in four core areas:

  1. Technical knowledge in the epidemiology of HIV/AIDS and the continuum of HIV treatment specific to Latinx men.
  2. Leadership skills including management/supervision, strategy, network analysis/development, and effective communication styles for advocacy.
  3. Developing personal leadership qualities through reflective leadership/stigma reduction, positionality, and commitment to continued personal development.
  4. Creating supportive networks and connections with Latinx leaders throughout the nation.
latino male with HIV ribbon
latino male friends

DILES fellows not only develop knowledge and skills in these important thematic areas, but will also design and implement applied real-world prevention, treatment, or advocacy projects in their local communities. Real-world DILES projects are designed to help fellows apply knowledge and skills obtained throughout the program and to bolster local efforts to end the HIV epidemic in the United States.

Curriculum for DILES fellows consists of several components:

  • Webinars with expert speakers on HIV topics and areas of leadership
  • Individualized mentoring sessions
  • Leadership resources
  • Real-world applied leadership projects