Solicitud de Beca DILES




Para ser elegible para convertirse en miembro de DILES, debe:

  1. Tener un fuerte compromiso de mejorar los resultados de la prevención y el tratamiento del VIH entre hombres latinos gay, bisexuales y transgénero;
  2. Tener al menos 18 años; y
  3. Vivir en los Estados Unidos continentales o Puerto Rico.
Two latino friends
Preferred Lanquage
Please name the community where you propose to implement your applied DILES project (name a specific geography, e.g. city, county, district, etc.).
Describe your motivation to become a DILES Fellow.
What needs exist in your proposed geographic focus area for improving HIV prevention and treatment among Latinx? What existing assets can be leveraged for improving HIV prevention and treatment among Latinx?
Describe the skills, qualities, and/or experiences that position you well to be an impactful leader in the fight against HIV in Latinx communities.
Describe how becoming a DILES Fellow would help you make a positive impact on HIV prevention and treatment among Latinx in your community and beyond.